Sundarban Forest Visit, Khulna and Bagerhat Visit

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Sundarban, Bagerhat, Khulna
Budget: 8500 / person
Miles Travelled: Approx- 1,000

The Tour at Sundaran is not just about experiencing the beauty of nature; it is also about contributing to its conservation. The tour is managed by the forest department, which has set strict guidelines to ensure the safety of visitors and the conservation of the forest. Visitors are encouraged to be responsible tourists and to follow the rules and regulations set by the forest department.

In conclusion, a “Sundaran Tour” is a perfect adventure for anyone looking to explore the wilderness and immerse themselves in nature. The tour offers a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of the Bangladeshi Sundarbans and contribute to its conservation. The carefully planned activities and eco-friendly accommodations make the Tour at Sundaran a must-visit destination for any eco-tourist or nature lover.

Day 1

Shatgombuj Mosque known as the Sixty Dome Mosque, is a historical mosque located in the city of Bagerhat in southwestern Bangladesh. It is one of the most impressive and well-known Islamic structures in Bangladesh, as well as a popular tourist attraction.

The mosque was built in the mid-15th century during the reign of Sultanate of Bengal. It was constructed by a Muslim saint named Khan Jahan Ali, who was also responsible for founding the city of Bagerhat.

Day 2

Spotted deer, also known as axis deer or chital, are one of the most common deer species found in the Sundarbans. In Second of our Tour we will visit theme. They are easily recognized by their brown coat with white spots, which help them blend in with their surroundings. They are named after their distinctive bark-like call, which they use to communicate with other deer. Hog deer, as their name suggests, have a stocky build and are found in the wetlands of the Sundarbans.

Day 3

Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the most famous and iconic animals of the Sundarbans. It is the largest predator and the apex predator in the Sundarbans ecosystem. In the Sundarbans, the Royal Bengal Tiger has adapted to its mangrove habitat and is known for its unique swimming abilities, as well as its preference for hunting in the water. However, seeing a Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild can be a rare and challenging experience, We will Visit them.


The flavors of the sea are truly an experience like no other. With its unique combination of freshness and richness, seafood has long been a favorite of food enthusiasts around the world. At our establishment, we take pride in providing exceptional seafood dishes that are sure to delight our valued tourists. From succulent shrimp to flaky fish, our menu offers a wide array of options that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Come and indulge in the delectable flavors of the ocean, and see for yourself why seafood truly is the king of all cuisines.

Best Food & Drink

1. Sea Food

We offer a selection of fresh and delicious seafood options on our tours. Our team ensures that the seafood is of the best quality and prepared safely. We strive to cater to different tastes and dietary restrictions so that all tourists can enjoy their meals. 

2. Vegetables

We offer vegetarian guests exclusive vegetable dishes for their enjoyment and satisfaction. Our options include traditional Bangladeshi cuisine as well as international vegetarian fare. 

3. Crab Testing

We recommend trying the crab in Sundarbans – it’s known for its delicious taste! We’ll provide this option for guests who are interested in trying it. 

Forest & Sea Visit

The Highlight of the Trip!
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